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Consumers reporting adverse reactions (online)

Your report is important to us

The BfArM takes reports of suspected adverse reactions very seriously. The sooner, more frequently and more detailed the Federal Institute is informed of such incidents, the earlier signs of risks can be recognised and evaluated. Therefore, pharmaceutical entrepreneurs, physicians and pharmacists are legally obligated to report suspected adverse reactions. Should the adverse reaction you suspect not have been reported by your physician or pharmacist yet you can initiate such a report yourself.

Clicking on the link "'Consumers reporting adverse reactions (german)" on the right of this page will lead you to the joint database of BfArM and Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI) where you will find a reporting form specifically designed for consumers. When reporting a suspected adverse reaction you will be asked to provide your contact information. The data is transmitted via a secured connection and is of course treated confidentially. After having submitted the report you will automatically be sent a confirmation of receipt.

For further information regarding pharmacovigilance issues please consult the corresponding section for the public under Arzneimittelüberwachung (available in German only).