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Adverse Drug Reaction Database

The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) provides public access to the adverse drug reaction database ("ADR database").
Suspected cases can be searched for by way of filter functions which include individual side effect terms, active substances, time periods and age groups. This enables physicians, patients and other interested parties to research in-depth information on adverse drug reactions (ADR, German: UAW).
The database includes all suspected cases of adverse drug reactions from Germany reported to the BfArM since 1995 (except for those reported from clinical studies or which are published in scientific literature).
These suspected cases refer to adverse events which were observed in patients after intake of medicinal products and which were reported to the BfArM as being suspected of having a causal relation with that medicinal product.
Such research results require medical interpretation and can in no way replace information by a physician with regard to possible adverse drug reactions.
For reasons of data protection, the suspected cases listed do not allow drawing conclusions with regard to the patient or reporting person/institution.

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The European Medicines Agency also provides a database on suspected adverse drug reactions. These suspected cases relate to those medicinal products that are licensed in the European Economic Area (EEA). The reports are entered electronically into the EudraVigilance system by the national medicines regulatory authorities and the pharmaceutical entrepreneurs who hold the marketing authorisations for the medicinal products. EudraVigilance was introduced for the collection of reports of suspected cases of side effects. These reports are considered for the evaluation of benefits and risks of medicinal products during their development as well as for monitoring their safety after marketing authorisation in the European Economic Area. The system was launched in December 2001.

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