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Report on the Substitution Register

The report on the Substitution Register of January 2013 is updated and made available on a yearly basis. It contains information on the legal background, the reporting procedure, and regarding the use of data from the Substitution Register. This report also shows the latest figures on patients receiving substitution treatment, substituting physicians, and substitute medications prescribed, as well as the development thereof since the obligation to notify the authority was introduced in 2002. The information is compiled for Germany and in parts also for the individual federal "Laender". These data are also published regularly in the Report on Drugs and Addiction of the Federal Drug Commissioner.
More detailed data from the substitution register are made available to the highest health authorities of the "Laender" as well as to the competent "Land" authorities responsible for the control of physicians' traffic in narcotic drugs. Transmission of data from the Substitution Register to other institutions is not permitted.

(available in German only)