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Weld control of the hoist Omnilift G2

BfArM-Ref.: 2450/12

Control of the welding seam on the lifting column of the patient lifter Omnilift G2.

With regard to the patient lifter Omnilift G2 of the former manufacturer Weiner Innovative Medizintechnik, three cases have been reported to us in which the welding seam broke at the weld-on point of the transverse crossbar of the lifting column.
This concerns lifters that were produced before 2006.

The BfArM recommends performing regular visual controls at the welding seam in order to detect beginning damage at an early stage.
As the manufacturer Weiner Innovative Medizintechnik no longer exists, the BfArM is circulating the information in this manner.

For questions regarding the operation of specifically concerned products please contact the respective competent supervisory authority of the operator.

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